Detained youth attend school inside the detention center year-round.  Education services are provided by two highly-qualified teachers and a paraprofessional, employed by Medina City Schools.

Medina County Health Department

The Medina County Health Department visits the detention center monthly, giving presentations to the center's youth regarding nutrition, dental and adolescent health, stress, and the dangers of tobacco, just to name a few.  

Medina County District Library                                            

The medina County District Library conducts regular book discussions with the youth of the detention center and informs them of the library's services.  They also maintain the facility's own library, keeping the library current with relevant reading materials. 

Medina County Juvenile Judge

Kevin W. Dunn


Ronald V. Stollar

We protect our community from juvenile offenders by providing a safe and secure environment through integrity and professional service.



655 Independence Drive

Medina, Ohio 44256

Ph. 330-764-8408

Fax. 330-764-8412

Solutions Behavioral Healthcare

Solutions Behavioral Healthcare, Inc., funded by a United Way of Medina County grant, conducts weekly prevention and educational groups to enhance the resiliency of your youth.

Medina Light Ministries

Non-denomination religious services are provided by Medina Light Ministries.  A worship service and a Bible study take place each week.  These voluntary services are conducted twice-weekly.

Assistant Superintendent

Megan Millikin


Monday - Friday

8:00am - 4:30pm


*Please see Parent's Guide

Sunday 9:30am - 11:30am

Tuesday 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Wednesday 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Oaks Family Care Center

The Oaks Family Care Center conducts weekly, Bible-oriented lessons for our youth on topics that are relevant to them.

 Medina County

Juvenile Detention Center

Alternative Paths, Inc.

We contract with Alternative Paths, Inc. for our mental health services.  They provide a Licensed Independent Social Worker who assesses our youth, provides counseling, and works with the Juvenile Court's Probation department and magistrates to ensure that our residents receive the best services possible upon their release.

Visit the Medina County Juvenile Website.