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655 Independence Drive
Medina, Ohio 44256
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The Medina County Juvenile Detention Center provides a safe, secure environment for detained youths.  While in the care of the facility, our diligent staff will hold youths accountable for their actions in a dignified and caring manner.  Youths are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and develop responsible behaviors, including better decision making, so that they may successfully re-integrate into our community upon release.  Care, supervision, education and rehabilitative services are a hallmark of the Medina County JDC.

                                          Judge Kevin W. Dunn

The Medina County Juvenile Detention Center is a 30-bed, maximum security facility whose mission is to protect our community from juvenile offenders by providing a safe and secure environment through integrity and professional service.  It is the philosophy of the Medina County Juvenile Court that detention is to be used as a last resort, and principally for youth who have committed serious offenses and are a risk of harm to themselves and/or the community.  While the detention center is not a treatment facility, it is our philosophy that we do all we can to make a positive impact on our youth in hopes of changing their lives for the better - permanently.  It is our pleasure to serve Medina County.          

Superintendent Ronald V. Stollar

 Medina County

Juvenile Detention Center

Medina County Juvenile Judge

Kevin W. Dunn

We are making the Medina community a better place by inspiring troubled youth to become responsible, productive citizens.


Assistant Superintendent

Megan Millikin

Ronald V. Stollar